EcoFlow Smart Generator (Duel Fuel)

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EcoFlow Smart Generator (Duel Fuel)

Built for any emergency. Go for gas or propane (LPG). With both fuel options, you'll have access to energy no matter what happens. With LPG as an additional fuel source, you get way more flexibility. When the grid is down, it's ideal as an emergency option for your home or RV...
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Built for any emergency

Go for gas or propane (LPG). With both fuel options, you'll have access to energy no matter what happens. With LPG as an additional fuel source, you get way more flexibility. When the grid is down, it's ideal as an emergency option for your home or RV as gas is hard to come by. Not only that, you can store it longer and create fewer fumes.

  • Dual Fuel: gasoline and LPG
  • 20kWh capacity with standard LPG tank for worry-free backup power
  • Save 40% of fuel by connecting to DELTA series and Power Kits
  • Remotely control and real-time monitor using the app
  • 4 ways to start
  • 5 security alerts
  • Seamlessly integrate your LPG power backup
  • Designed for easy maintenance, and as quiet as 56dB at a distance of 23ft.

Huge capacity for extended blackouts

With a 1600W-1800W*¹ output and a 4L gasoline tank, you can generate 5.4kWh in gasoline or even 20kWh with LPG*². That gives you up to 12.5 hours of runtime with LPG alone. Connect that to your DELTA Pro, DELTA Max and Power Kits to charge up when you're all out of other options. All while using less fuel, producing less noise, and producing fewer emissions.

*¹ Gasoline = 1800W (1900W Peak), LPG = 1600W (1700W Peak)

*² Measured with a 9.07kg LPG tank. The power is not limited to this amount. It depends on the size of the LPG tank.


Gas Specs

  • 1800W Rated Output (gas)
  • 4L Fuel Tank
  • 5.4 kWh Power (gas)

LPG Specs

  • 1600W Rated Output (LPG)
  • 9.07kg* LPG tank
  • 20 kWh Power (LPG)



Save fuel.Maximize efficiency.: When used with your DELTA Pro, DELTA Max or Power Kits, it's way more efficient than alternatives. Saving fuel, generating fewer emissions, and giving a ton of convenience. With that, you can charge DELTA Max to full in 1.5 hours, or DELTA Pro in 2.7 hours./p>


Automatic backup.: When your DELTA Pro, DELTA Max or Power Kits drops to a predetermined battery level, the Smart Generator automatically kicks in. Once maxed out, the engine shuts down to avoid extra fuel waste, emissions, and noise.

Essentials running while charging.: When a blackout hits, it's important to keep your essentials running. The Smart Generator allows you to not only charge your power station back up, but it also allows you to power your appliances at the same time, outputting up to 1800W*.

*The total output of DC and AC is 1600W in LPG mode *Prioritizes AC output when needed to keep your devices on.


Real-time monitoring and control.: Once connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, the app opens up a whole world of possibilities. Set your battery level for auto-start, control DC output levels, remote start or stop your unit, and switch on Eco mode, all while getting a full suite of monitoring and alerts. Up close? Use the onboard LCD screen for all your vitals.

*Setting up in the DELTA Pro, DELTA Max or Power Kits APP interface

Safety first.: The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) keeps you in the know with a carbon monoxide detector, fuel alert, engine oil alert, temperature protection, overload avoidance, and a whole lot more. All are clearly visible with indicators on the unit, and all (excluding fuel alert) can trigger an auto-shutdown to keep you and your batteries safe.

Four ways to start means power comes easy.: When you're caught short in an outage, ease of use is essential. Start up the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) via an electric button in 2 seconds flat, far easier than other options on the market, Alternatively, set it to auto-start* in the app, use the app to start it directly, or rely on the manual starter grip in case of failure.

*Auto-start requires use of DELTA Pro, DELTA Max or Power Kits

Technical Specifications

Generator specs:
Net Weight: 30.5kg
Dimension: 597x300x475mm
Type: Inverter generator
Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power (Gas): 1800W (Peak Value 1900W)
Rated Power (LPG): 1600W (Peak Value 1700W)
DC Output Voltage: 42-58.8 V
DC Current: 32A

Engine specs:
Model: R80N-i
Type: Single cylinder, four-stroke, forced-air cooling, overhead valve
Displacement: 79.7 CC
Fuel type: Unleaded Gasoline/LPG
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.0 L/1.05 gal
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.38 L/0.1 gal
Noise Level (at a 7m distance): 56-67 dB (full load)
Continuous Working Time (Gas): 3.5 Hours

What's in the Box?

  • Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)
  • User Manual and Warranty Card
  • Extra Battery Connection Cable
  • Oil Funnel
  • Screwdriver
  • Spark Plug Socket
  • Breaker Bar
  • Double-Ended Spanner
  • LPG Hose