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About Us

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About Portable Power Supply

Portable Power Supply is a subsidiary of Buzzflyer Limited, an established Multi-Rotor Drone Specialist with over sixteen years’ experience in the industry. Buzzflyer Limited have worked alongside and supplied key clients in the renewable energy surveying industry with drones and equipment, therefore, battery development and management has played a key part in the business.

With a breadth of knowledge and experience from selling and building technological hardware for approaching twenty years, we are confident we offer an unbeatable service to our customers at a competitive price point. Whether you're looking to use a portable power supply for leisure or professional application, contact us today and let guide you to the best solution.

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Our Power Supplies

The flexibility of owning a Portable Power Supply not only supports the professional industry, but it is also invaluable for family use when camping, off-grid living, adventures or just keeping your devices going during power outages and emergencies. As a company our mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers, to offer outstanding pre-sale and after-sale service, whether you're looking for a small spare part or advice on a power supply or complete system with solar.

We have served over 60,000 customers and shipped hundreds of thousands of items to locations across the world. A large number of professional operators trust us to fulfil their (often demanding) requirements. Our proven record of reliability ensures peace of mind when using our company for all your leisure and professional needs.

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